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Liao Run and Panjin Rice were selected as the "Top Ten Good Rice in China": Hope for Home

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Liao Run and Panjin Rice were selected as the "Top Ten Good Rice in China": Hope for Home

Date of issue:2016-12-20 Authors:Panjin Zhongjun Rice Industry Co., Ltd. Click:

Liao Run and Panjin Rice were selected as the "Top Ten Good Rice in China": Hope for Home

What's your favorite rice? Reporters in the supermarket interviewed five grandparents who were buying rice randomly. Their answer was, "Liao Run rice, Panjin rice."

In the interview, it was found that no matter what age group, they preferred "brand" when choosing agricultural products. For brand products with relatively high prices, many customers said that "do not mind, more concerned about quality."

Nowadays, rice also has the "Top Ten in China". On December 4, the first China Rice Brand Conference was held in Beijing. The conference issued "2016 China's Top Ten Rice Regional Commodity Brands" and selected "China's Top Ten Delicious Rice" on the spot. Liao Run Rice, Ningxia Rice, Shaofang Gongmi and other brands are on the list. Liao Run rice and Panjin rice were selected. Grandpa and aunts said, "Home is expected."

It is understood that, after being selected and evaluated by experts from all over the world, this Congress awarded the titles of Liao Run Rice, Xiangshui Rice, Qing'an Rice, Panjin Rice, Ningxia Rice, Xuanhantao Flower Rice, Shading Gongmi, Sheyang Rice, Xinghua Rice and Luoding Rice as "2016 Top Ten Regional Public Utilities Brands of Chinese Rice" and under the Regional Public Utilities Brand. Sixteen rice enterprises have the title of "2016 China Rice Regional Public Utilities Brand Core Enterprise".

The conference also hosted the "Top Ten Good Rice in China" on-site evaluation activities. The core enterprises participating in the evaluation of rice regional public goods brands bring their original packaged rice to the meeting. The organizing committee unifies the appliances and operation procedures, and the enterprises send their own staff to make it on-site. After on-site evaluation, blind testing and voting by relevant experts and provincial representatives, and full supervision by the media, they finally select the "top ten delicious rice in China":Kwai Huayang. Guang Brand Liao Run Rice, Xingtang Brand Ningxia Rice, Maogong Brand Mao Gong Rice, Jinfoshan Brand Nanchuan Rice, Qinghe Xiang Brand Qingan Rice, Fulinmen Brand Liao Run Rice, Sewaixiang Brand Ningxia Rice, Xiangshui Brand Xiangshui Rice, Jinfuqiao Courtyard Brand Liao Run Rice, Shading Gong Brand Shading Gong Rice. This evaluation is fair, fair and open, which effectively responds to the concerns of consumers and meets the new expectations of consumers, so that brand rice can truly benefit urban and rural consumers and become the "popular card" of the people.

Zhang Yuxiang, president of China Agricultural Products Market Association, pointed out that the construction of agricultural brand is the inherent requirement of agricultural modernization. In recent years, with the development of rice industry in China, the brand awareness of government departments and market players has been increasing. It has become the consensus of the industry to take brand as the leading factor to improve the quality of rice, increase effective supply and upgrade the value chain. At present, the demand of high-end, individualized and differentiated rice industry has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and the demand for brand building is becoming more and more urgent. To promote the construction of rice brand, we should strengthen the enterprise brand, give full play to the leading enterprises'demonstration and driving role, and support enterprises and farmers to cultivate and shape the brand together. Strengthen the support of science and technology, change the development mode of rice industry, improve quality, create brand, and provide strong support for the green development of industry. Give full play to the advantages of resources, cultivate regional public goods brand, promote industrial quality and efficiency, and increase farmers'income.

According to the organizer, the first China Rice Brand Conference was approved by the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture. The director of the Department of Market and Economic Information of the Ministry of Agriculture was co-sponsored by the China Association for the Development and Service of High-quality Agricultural Products and the China Agricultural Market Association. The conference is a concrete measure to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive that "grain should also be branded". It is an important action to strengthen the brand building of bulk agricultural products, an important grasp to accelerate the structural reform of agricultural supply side, and an important path to promote the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, and to improve quality and efficiency.

During the meeting, the relevant responsible comrades of the Department of Market and Economic Information, the Department of Science and Technology Education, the Department of Planting Management and the Bureau of Agricultural Products Processing of the Ministry of Agriculture exchanged views on brand building, scientific and technological innovation, industrial development and intensive processing of rice industry. In Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Guangdong and other major rice-producing provinces, relevant comrades in charge of agriculture and experts and scholars in the industry focused on the topics of agricultural brand building and rice brand cultivation and protection.

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