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Store rice correctly and keep it fresh

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Store rice correctly and keep it fresh

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The fresh rice is bright and translucent, with a strong rice fragrance, while the old rice has a dull luster and a lot of chaff powder, almost no rice fragrance. So when we buy rice, we mainly buy new rice. Panjin rice is processed, but if the storage of new rice is improper, it will be affected by temperature, moisture and other factors, aging and various changes will occur, resulting in the loss of the original color and fragrance of rice, rice quality and nutritional components will also be affected to varying degrees and lead to a decline.

Pay attention to store rice correctly and keep it fresh. In the storage process of rice, the main factors leading to the aging of rice are storage time, temperature, moisture and oxygen, followed by rice varieties, processing, chaff content and other factors.

Panjin Rice Processing

Generally speaking, the longer the storage time of rice is, the faster the aging speed is. Therefore, it is better for consumers not to buy too much rice each time. It is suggested that the consumption of rice should be enough for 3-6 months each time, and more may affect the taste of rice.

In addition, the high moisture content, high temperature, poor processing accuracy, and more chaff will lead to the acceleration of rice aging. When choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to the fact that rice with these conditions is best not to buy.

In short, the storage of rice should pay attention to the selection of high-quality rice, reduce storage time, keep cool and dry, keep the rice fresh.