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Learn to differentiate between good and bad rice and choose high-quality rice

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Learn to differentiate between good and bad rice and choose high-quality rice

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Fragrant rice is loved by everyone, but if the quality of rice is not good, the steamed rice taste will be much worse, so we will choose rice carefully in order to buy high-quality rice. Panjin rice manufacturer, but there are many kinds of rice on the market, rice quality gap is large, there are many businesses in order to make more money, the old rice mixed in the new rice to sell high prices, for more benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to distinguish between good and bad rice and choose high quality rice.

When choosing and purchasing rice, we must select it carefully. Generally high quality rice grains are full and clean and shiny. The cross section is translucent white when the rice grains are broken apart. And the high-quality rice has a fresh smell. After steaming, it is crystal clear, chewy and rich in rice fragrance.

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On the contrary, poor quality rice is much worse in color and luster, and poor quality rice grains are small and not full. If you rub them by hand, you will have a lot of white powder on your hands. It can be seen that poor quality rice has poor luster, loose organization and poor taste. Some inferior rice even has mildew or other odor, or even can not be used.

The gap between inferior rice and high-quality rice is still very large. I believe that after you learn to distinguish the quality of rice, you can easily and quickly buy high-quality rice, so that cooked rice will taste very good.