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Panjin rice is on fire again! Four words alone is worth 52.570 billion! Why?

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Panjin rice is on fire again! Four words alone is worth 52.570 billion! Why?

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When it comes to product value

It is estimated that the first reaction of everyone and Xiaobei is

—— How much is it worth?

But today Xiaobei has to take an exam.

Do you know what an enterprise brand is?

Do you know how much the regional brand is worth?

For example, Panjin Rice, Panjin River Crab, Sanhao Street...

The Value of these Enterprises and Regional Brands

What is the value of money?

Today, in Shenyang, the "2018 Liaoning Brand Value Evaluation Result Conference" was held. Today, the brand value of enterprises released involves 23 enterprises in 6 industries. Moreover, this year is the first time that the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has released the evaluation results of enterprise brand and regional brand at the same time. In 2018, there were 101 enterprises and 26 parks in the province.

Why should we evaluate the brand?

In fact, enterprises and regions, through brand value evaluation and data comparison over the years, can have problems with their own shortcomings in the process of brand building, which is a strong technical support for their own promotion direction.

In the Release of Enterprise Brand Value

Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. ranks first with brand value of 12.734 billion yuan

In Regional Brand Value

Panjin rice ranks first with brand value of 52.570 billion yuan

panjin rice

In addition, there are many brands that are closely related to our lives.

The brand value of Sanhao Street in Shenyang amounted to 33.206 billion yuan.

Panjin crab brand value is 29.549 billion yuan

Xiuyan Jade brand value is 5.776 billion yuan

Donggang strawberry brand value is 27.437 billion yuan

The brand value of Suizhong Baili is 5.164 billion yuan

The brand value of Tanghe Hot Spring in Gongchangling is 1.094 billion yuan.

I didn't expect that.

Sanhao Street, which we often go to

Frequently eaten crabs and strawberries

Originally, they are such valuable brands and industries.

Know so much.

Xiaobei loves Liaoning even more.~

Since 2016, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has entrusted third-party organizations to conduct brand value evaluation for enterprises and parks voluntarily participating in brand value evaluation for three consecutive years. From the evaluation results, this year is the best one in three years. The average value of regional brands this year is 9.187 billion yuan. It is 17.88% higher than last year, which shows that Liaoning enterprises have gradually established a long-term brand management system, so that the development of enterprises is planned and vigorous.

For enterprises and parks participating in the evaluation

Brand value evaluation is like a "general physical examination"

Pass this physical examination

Not only can Panjin rice processing enterprises and regions be allowed

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Can also let oneself get better development