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The Method of Choosing and Purchasing Rice

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The Method of Choosing and Purchasing Rice

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Rice is the most common staple food for people. How to choose rice? Provide you with the method of choosing and purchasing rice. Panjin Rice Processing

When buying bulk rice, the first thing is to look at its color, that is, its appearance is full, smooth and lustrous; the second is to smell, that is, it has a delicate fragrance, no peculiar smell, mildew odor and other peculiar smell of rice is not edible. When purchasing packaged rice, the key is to identify the product name, net content, production enterprise, production date and other information on the packaging, and pay attention to the purchase of products during the shelf life.

Panjin Rice Processing

Rice without husk and cortex protection is susceptible to hygroscopicity, fever, mildew and pests, especially in high temperature and humidity in summer. Home storage of rice, first of all, to keep the container clean and dry, should be placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place, to avoid high temperature, light. Some families take out rice in summer to expose it to the sun in order to prevent insects and insects. In fact, this method is not only ineffective, but also seriously reduces the food quality of rice. It is also more vulnerable to dampness, mildew and insects when it is put back into the humid environment.