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What is polished rice?

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What is polished rice?

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When many consumers go to buy rice, they will specially choose the rice that looks crystal clear. They think these are good rice. In fact, the more beautiful the rice, the more careful it is. Because it's probably polished rice! Some consumers may not understand polished rice very well. Miller Mouse gives you a detailed analysis of what polished rice is! Panjin Rice Brand

Processing and manufacturing process

First, wet the aged rice, remove the dust on the surface, if there is mildew, it will be preliminarily removed, and then strong exhaust fan, the mildew will be basically removed; then, through polishing and color selection. When polishing, some plants use water, others use vegetable oil to make the appearance of rice more white, while the color sorter can remove the obvious yellow grains in rice and improve the appearance of rice.

How to Avoid Buying

First, try to buy through trustworthy channels; secondly, no matter where you buy rice, try not to choose the rice with very low promotion price, no one will do the loss sale; in addition, consumers should not blindly pursue refinement when eating rice, eating some brown rice properly is good for health, but too bright big. Mi, on the contrary, should be extra vigilant.

Panjin Rice Brand

How to distinguish

As for "twice polished rice", not only can't see, but also can't smell any difference. How should consumers choose? Industry insiders said that it was necessary to start by "washing" and "cooking". "Usually only once polished rice, wash the first time will have rice pulp; and after twice polished rice, the first time washed rice water is relatively clear."

The Disadvantage of Polished Rice

Overpolishing of rice also masks the illegal practices of some illegal manufacturers. Some manufacturers Polish old rice and mildewed rice to the next best. By polishing, Chen Mi can sell for a new price. More illegal elements, after polishing the mildewed rice, remove the deteriorated part of the rice surface, the rice becomes much brighter, and then doped in the normal rice to sell. Consumers in particular should be wary of the incorporation of mineral oil into polishing by illegal elements. According to the regulations, only water is used as the medium for rice polishing, but adding mineral oil can make the deteriorated rice brighter. If vegetable oil or even mineral oil is used for polishing, it will not only change the quality of rice, but also turn the edible rice into "poisonous rice".

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